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CDC Software began as a constellation of businesses that had built their successful products and services through a relentless focus on the customer. Today, our company represents the sum of their combined innovation, drive, and vision to help businesses across the world become customer-driven market leaders. We serve many industries, including financial services, legal services, healthcare, home building and real estate, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals, and life sciences. To meet the evolving needs of our customers, we continue to grow and develop through a combination of product development and acquisition.

Quick Facts
Employees: 2,100 Countries Served: +50
Offices: 32 Customers: 6,000+
Distributors: 600 Annualized Revenues: $402.3 M (2007 for CDC Corporation)

Technology and Applications
Our superior technology and industry-specific solutions enhance processes across the enterprise, helping businesses manage their resources, supply chain, employees, and customer relationships for competitive advantage. Our solutions are complemented by a continuum of business services that promote a rapid return on investment at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

>CDC Front Office
> CDC Process Manufacturing
> CDC Supply Chain
> CDC Platform Solutions
> CDC Global Services

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