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The Quest for Continuous Improvement

Provided by: CDC Software

What you will learn:

"With a 33% uplift in performance in 90 days, can you afford not to spare an hour?"
- James Holmes, VP Calypso Soft Drinks

At MVI, our technology allows the shop floor to manage their own performance, releasing resource for the executives to concentrate on delivering improved profitability & business objectives. Empowering your people to do more is a corner stone to success.

Cost reductions remain the focus of all enterprises, yet most still struggle with data collection & cultural issues

Over 70% of food & beverage manufacturers are still managing their businesses in the dark. The manufacturing area represents the biggest opportunity to drive cost from the business, yet this part of the supply chain still struggles with:

•Inaccurate information that lacks detail, leading to debate & delay
•Out of date, historical information, that leads to most mortem review
•Little or no feedback on shop floor
•Little or no understanding or accountability of performance
•All efforts focused on collection data & analysis, little or no effort left to review & action upon in a constructive manner
•No repeatable or coordinated improvement approach

If you face similar challenges, learn how to overcome them by attending the upcoming webcast on the Manufacturing Visual Intelligence (MVI) System . Listen to industry thoughts leaders & real life experiences of other manufacturers who have been successful in their quest to deliver tangible improvements &

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