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From CRM to Smiling Customers: How to Gain, Retain, and Grow Existing Customer Relationships

Provided by: CDC Software

What you will learn:

From specialty chemicals to agri-chemicals to plastics, the last decade has brought about a growing number of challenges for Chemical Manufacturers, including:

• Vacillating Customer Demands
• Increasing Global & Local Competition
• Rising Costs and Reduced Margins

Increasingly, Chemical manufacturers are looking to Enterprise Software solutions to better enable them to address these types of challenges and to gain, retain, and grow existing customer relationships.

In this webcast, renowned industry expert, Olin Thompson, principal of Process ERP Partners, will discuss effective strategies to compete in today’s Chemical Industry. All registrants will receive our free white paper, “Competitive Strategies and the Role of ERP in the Chemical Industry.”

Length: 39m 53s
Tags: CRM, ERP, Enterprise Software, solutions
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