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InSync Anywhere®, developed exclusively for Infor ERP SyteLine, provides access to business data anytime and anywhere and extends the functionality of Infor ERP SyteLine far beyond the reach of the desktop computer using mobile devices: scanners, wireless PDA's, cell phones, etc.

Test drive our prototype mobile ERP for BlackBerry, iPhone and other web enabled smart phones at http://godlan.bigbluehat.com/

Visit: www.insyncanywhere.com or www.godlan.com

What if you could...
Check a customer's orders via smart cell phones while in a staff meeting?
Review the sales pipeline or late orders or customer receivables in real time while traveling?
Determine inventory availability and customer credit status during a field visit?
Monitor job and shipping statuses via PDAs while at home?
Eliminate data entry and the corresponding reams of paper during physical inventories?

Mobile Transactions:
Supports a full range of data entry and data transactions, enabling data to be entered remotely using touch screen handhelds and barcode scanners.

Mobile Queries:
Supports Infor ERP SyteLine data inquiries using wireless PDAs and smart phones, providing real-time mobile access to critical business information.

Key Indicators and Company Metrics:
Supports real-time reporting of critical company performances such as late shipments, new orders, and inventory turns to list just a few.

Mobile data collection, mobile ERP, mobile queries

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Brochure from Godlan Inc:
Mobile Data Collection for SyteLine

Tags: Mobile ERP, Data Collection, syteline, mobile
Category: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
White Paper from Godlan Inc:
Painless, Paperless, Physical Inventory

Tags: inventory, physical inventory
Category: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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