eGrabber is the Leader in Automated Internet Lead-Research.

Over 100,000 sales, marketing and recruiting professionals use our tools to accelerate Internet based lead-research that includes lead-generation, lead-enrichment, lead-segmentation, lead-intelligence, list-building and candidate-sourcing.

Since 1996 eGrabber has been inventing technology and business processes that simplify Internet research. We have a number of patents and patents pending in the field of expert searching and automatic parsing (extraction) of Internet data, which give our tools a competitive advantage.

Our brands include

eMail-Lead Grabber

Our latest Internet Research tool LeadResearcher enables sales & recruiting professionals to quickly piece together missing information for their leads. For example, With Just name & Company, LeadResearcher searches the Internet, blogs, social networking sites and finds the email ID, phone, address, resume, web profiles & more.

LeadResearcher is the perfect tool for sales and recruiting professionals because it quickly provides them with the information they need to successfully contact their leads. Additionally, LeadResearcher provides valuable background information that can be used to qualify and convert leads into sales and placements.

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User Guide of LeadResearcher

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LeadResearcher Standard

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LeadResearcher-Email Finding Tool

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