C2 CRM White Paper

Improving Marketing Results with CRM

Marketing is not perceived as an exacting science. Many times, marketing plans, campaigns and other activities are planned from guesswork or past "experiences". As a result, money can be quickly wasted on marketing initiatives which were poorly conceived and poorly executed. In today's volatile market, efficient marketing spending is crucial for business growth. More importantly, marketing efforts must be highly targeted to minimize wasted money resulting from sending the wrong message to the wrong prospect. CRM applications are many times associated with helping the sales team of an organization streamline the sales process. However, CRM can have tangible benefits to the marketing area of your business and, in fact, can provide the marketing team with the most visible and significant results of any group using it. CRM can address the many pains associated with the daily initiatives undertaken by your marketing organization:

Tags: CRM, Marketing Automation, Lead Follow Up

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