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Connecting your executives to the CRM effort

Will you succeed in helping your executives become connected to the CRM effort? The key to your success will be to approach the positioning of your proposed CRM effort with the same dedication and intensity that you would apply toward starting up a new line of business. You must set goals, show a return, and identify the value. You must involve others, as active participation across departments and divisions of your organization will be critical to achieving desired results. If you do this, you will help your executives plug in to the CRM effort — go beyond simple sponsorship and support to proactive connection with the project. This paper was designed for you, the manager championing CRM in your organization. It is designed to help you create the CRM buzz, so your entire company can reap the benefits. Read on to find tips and worksheets that will help you lead the charge, as well as bullet points to pass along to your management team.

Tags: CRM, CRM implementation

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