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Predict Your Customer's Next Move

Provided by: Infor

What you will learn:

Retailers, telcos and financials service companies have been implementing portals, content management systems, and some personalization and web analytics. They also know that advertising, marketing, and promotional programs generally increase traffic, but how much of that incremental traffic converts into sales? Knowing where your customers are requires the understanding of customer experience as cumulative with value created in the short and long term and across whatever channel they decide to interact with you.

Rob Garf, Vice President and General Manager, Retail Strategies at AMR Research, will describe how retailers can boost productivity and enhance customer service through the use of profiling and marketing analytics, including real-time, selflearning systems.

Jackie Palmer, Product Manager at Infor, will provide additional examples for telco and financial services and describe how these systems augment rather than replace existing portals, CMS, and web analytics environments to make the shift from operational excellence to customer centricity and increased revenue.

Length: 55m 43s
Tags: CRM, Customer Service, Content Management
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