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Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Choose Workday

By Workday

We’re in this together.
At Workday, we believe our success is dependent on the success of our customers. Being customer centric isn’t just a plaque on the wall, it's built into our core DNA. We live for our customers and we’re working hand-in-hand with them to ensure their Workday implementation meets their every expectation and enables their business to flourish.

We make it easy.
With Workday, there is no hardware, software, middleware, databases, or business intelligence tools to buy, install, maintain, and upgrade. And, Workday's multi-tenancy model means that our customers share one physical instance of the Workday solution without ever seeing each other’s data, making upgrades a breeze. The future is here today and it makes your life a whole lot easier.

Always on current version
Innovation. It’s a beautiful thing.
With traditional on-premise applications, companies were forced to update and upgrade their software on their own dime, often falling drastically behind the vendor’s release schedules and often causing them to miss out on the latest functionality. With Workday, all system updates and upgrades are made by Workday on an ongoing basis. That means our customers always benefit from being on the most current version of our service and can take advantage of the innovative new capabilities we deliver on a monthly basis.

A fresh approach.
Even though our on-demand delivery model insulates you from the technology that we use to deliver our solution, it's important to know that we have built our product on a next-generation architecture that enables us to deliver services faster and makes you more nimble. Our technology foundation incorporates objects that represent real-world entities: employees, benefits, organizations, etc. – instead of trying to represent those entities across a multitude of tables in a relational database. All of the objects utilized by the Workday services are loaded and maintained in memory for speed and efficiency, and everything we do is based on today’s standard for inter-system communication - Web services - so we can easily interact with other applications.

We work in your IT world.
Workday realizes the importance of application integration for building fluid and flexible business processes. That’s why our solutions were built to transparently integrate with your existing solutions whether they are on-premise or on-demand. Our services have been designed at the core to support and utilize today’s standard for integration – web services.

Built by Workday. Made for you.
At Workday, we understand that our applications need to meet your business needs, without messy customizations that require an army of IT support. That’s why we’ve designed our solution so that workflow can be configured to meet the needs of your individual group, business unit, department, or country by the business users.

One World. One Solution.
Workday applications are built to be global at the core and are designed to meet the needs of today’s multi-national organizations. Whether your offices are located across the country or on the other side of the world, Workday is uniquely qualified to handle all your global needs including compliance and data privacy support, regulatory and legislative reporting, global name and address formats, business process configurations, leave management, multiple currencies, and multiple languages.

Rock-solid security.
We know that security isn’t just a check-box on your evaluation list, it’s core to the integrity of our solution. That’s why at Workday we’ve woven security into the fabric of everything we do. From an application perspective, a compliance perspective, and a technical perspective, Workday’s sophisticated measures and procedures ensure that customers receive a high performance work environment that’s also highly secure.

Power to the People.
With Workday, everyone’s a power user. Built to unleash the power of your entire organization, Workday’s user-friendly environment is as easy and intuitive to navigate as today’s consumer web sites. We’ve provided a unique roles-based user experience for executives, managers, employees, and administrators alike. In Workday, users take action from any place in the application. And we’ve integrated the latest desktop functionality such as email, IM, and mobile devices right into your working environment.

Experience Matters.
Let’s face it. when it comes to experience, Workday is no new entrant. Workday was founded by leaders with a proven track record. Our co-founders, Dave Duffield (founder and CEO, PeopleSoft) and Aneel Bhusri, lead a team of people, laser-focused on providing the market with the next generation of business applications. Workday is a culture passionate about people, integrity, and innovation.

About the Author
Workday is delivering the next generation of on-demand enterprise business services.

Workday was founded in March, 2005 by former PeopleSoft founder and CEO, Dave Duffield to bring a passion for innovation and a focus on the customer back to enterprise applications.


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