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Virtualization Improves Hardware Utilization and Lowers IT Costs for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Provided by: VMware

What you will learn:

The ability to decrease IT costs by improving hardware utilization rates and improve operations with high availability of IT services are critical to small- and medium-sized enterprises as time and budget resources are even more constrained. VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), the leading virtualization platform, delivers the most robust solution for companies of all sizes.

Learn in this webinar how Virtualization can:

Reduce the number of servers and related IT hardware in the data center, aiding in reduction of real estate, power and cooling requirements

Achieve higher resource utilization by pooling common infrastructure resources and breaking the legacy “one application to one server” model

Manage IT infrastructure and help IT administrators spend less time on repetitive tasks such as: provisioning, configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Length: 30m 13s
Tags: Virtualization Solution, Virtualization Technology, SMB
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