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SAP Supports Windows in Production on VMware

Provided by: VMware

What you will learn:

VMware announced that SAP has made a strategic decision to support its applications in 64-bit Windows production environments running on VMware Infrastructure.

Attend this exclusive webinar and find out what this announcement means for VMware and SAP joint customers.

With NO limitations, SAP now supports the following on VMware Infrastructure, as long as the hardware on which the stack runs has been certified by SAP:

All SAP Netweaver-based applications, industry solutions, components, and add-ons (Linux for Netweaver 2004 and Netweaver 2004s/SAP Kernel 7.00, and Windows for Netweaver 2004s/SAP Kernel 7.00)

Running in any environment (dev, test, or production)

Running on Linux or Windows 64-bit

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Tags: Virtualization Solution, Virtual Infrastructure, SAP
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