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Multi-Site, Fully Synchronous VMware HA Deployment with LeftHand Networks iSCSI

Provided by: VMware

What you will learn:

VMware High Availability (HA) provides the facilities to ensure virtual machines are automatically restarted in the event of hardware failures. Can you easily and cost-effectively setup a shared storage (SAN) system to provide the same level of fault tolerance and eliminate application downtime? Also, how can you take advantage of VMware HA intra- and inter-site across distances to implement robust fault-tolerant virtual infrastructures without the cost and complexity typically associated with synchronous remote replication?

Learn in this webinar:

Advanced VMware HA deployment intra-site and inter-site.

Highly available automatic data center mirroring.

Automated 2-site failover and failback.

Eliminating manual processes from failover procedures.

Architectural options for setting up multi-site/multi-location VMware HA configurations.

Length: 56m 49s
Tags: Virtualization Solution, Virtual Infrastructure, Server Virtualization
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