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Monitoring Virtual and Physical Environments

Provided by: Nimsoft

What you will learn:

Organizations around the world have embraced virtualization, for very good reason. With virtualization capabilities, organizations can pool their resources and ultimately get more performance, flexibility, and cost efficiency out of their infrastructure investments. However, virtualization presents organizations with significant challenges from a monitoring perspective.

Virtualized environments represent an ecosystem of interrelated parts, all of which must be functioning optimally to ensure that the business applications remain available.

Whether you are a seasoned virtualization professional or just considering your virtualization strategy you should not miss this webinar! After this session, you will walk away with:

> Recommendations for effectively managing your virtual infrastructure

>An understanding of the added complexities that physical and virtual systems bring to the environment

>The knowledge about the many features and strengths of the Nimsoft platform for end-to-end network management

Length: 47m 43s
Tags: Virtualization, Virtual Infratructure, Virtual Monitoring
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