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Salesforce Automation with Live CRM

Provided by: Genesis Interactive

What you will learn:

At Live CRM's core lies an automation application that gives your sales force the upper hand with their sales data. Comprehensive yet easy to customise, Live CRM empowers people to manage their company and processes more effectively, so reps can close more deals.

Sales are the backbone of business and a sales team has the vital responsibility of introducing new clients to fuel business growth. By ensuring crucial details are handled on every step of the sales process, Live CRM's features focus on business development potential and capitalise on new prospects, helping your sales team qualify and develop leads, pursue opportunities, keep the pipeline moving, and close sales.

Lead Generation and Management

Live CRM assists in generating leads from various sources including your web site's “contact us” forms. Using the intuitive customisation interface you can specify the fields you wish to collect data from. Copy and paste the code anywhere on your website and voila - you now have a lead generation form that feeds directly into your Live CRM Contact Management Console for fast and easy processing of sales leads.

Live CRM has a built in mechanism that allows you to transition a lead from being just a suspect to being a prospect where it presents an opportunity for the business. All that needs to be done is to evaluate the opportunity and predict the probability of winning the business. Once the opportunity is qualified you are now ready to meet your new prospect.

Length: 2m 2s
Tags: Sales Force Automation, Sales Management, Lead Generation, Live CRM, salesforce automation, pipeline
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