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Monitoring the Cloud: What it is, What it means to you, & How to be prepared

Provided by: Nimsoft

What you will learn:

Cloud computing is more than buzz – it’s a legitimate method for expanding service delivery and providing scalability with controlled costs. Cloud computing is not virtualization with a pretty name – it’s a service paradigm not server hosting. This change is more than a name and has wide ranging impacts from delivery and cost through security and performance monitoring.

Join us for this highly-informative webinar featuring Nimsoft VP of Technology Mark Rivington, who will cover:

> The types of cloud computing available today
> Potential evolutionary paths of cloud computing
> What it means to the typical enterprise.
> How to avoid common pitfalls
> How to get your feet wet
> What it means to your monitoring solution

Nimsoft leads the field in monitoring the entire computing infrastructure from end user to virtualization – now you can add cloud computing.

Length: 55m 46s
Tags: Cloud Computing, Cloud Monitoring
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