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Business Finance Webcast: Make Better Use of ERP

Provided by: Infor

What you will learn:

A CFO would want to know why a plant manager is keeping machine tools idle when they could be put to profitable use -- and rightly so. Yet most companies are guilty of under-using another expensive capital asset: their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Ventana Research believes that many companies can use their ERP systems to achieve step-function improvements in productivity and to enhance organizational effectiveness. Our research shows that most are not taking advantage of their ability to improve a company's performance, either by using their systems' ability to improve how they manage processes or using it to support more effective performance management efforts.

Few companies make full use of their expensive major IT ERP investments. Although the term "business process re-engineering" may sound passé, companies have many opportunities to improve their process efficiency and effectiveness using existing capabilities of their software. Companies also fail to use their ERP systems to better support performance management by, for example, using the full range of financial and non-financial data to establish, track and monitor key performance metrics. The biggest hurdle to getting more out of ERP may simply to understand what is possible.

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Tags: ERP, Performance Management, Performance Metrics
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