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Proactive Vulnerability Management

Provided by: Qualys

What you will learn:

The security field is a changing game field. Organizations that are traditionally reactive in nature to security issues are being overwhelmed with the amount and the intensity of security threats. Proactive security is an answer to this problem. Proactive vulnerability management is an essential component for proactive security.

In this talk, Dr. Chenxi Wang, Principal Analyst for Security and Risk Management at Forrester Research, will cover the key aspects of proactive vulnerability management and more importantly, the steps via which you can follow to achieve proactive vulnerability management. More specifically:

Continuing assessment of network and devices
Integration with your IT risk management systems
Effective analysis of assessment results
Implementation of proactive remediation
We will also cover success metrics via which organizations can use to measure the maturity of their vulnerability management programs.

Length: 52m 44s
Tags: Vulnerability Management, Risk Management
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