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Addressing Compliance Challenges with Automated Vulnerability Management

Provided by: Qualys

What you will learn:

A growing number of government, industry, and organizational regulations aim to protect sensitive and private data. HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and others all require companies' operational environment adhere to certain standards, and that they should perform regular audits to prove compliance.

Vulnerability assessment technologies, therefore, is an essential component for policy compliance. For this purpose, your vulnerability management solution should:

Possess the technical depth and breadth to support policy evaluation and auditing across different platforms, servers, network devices, and applications
Produce compliance-driven reports
Provide specific guidance for eradicating non-compliant configurations and settings
Automated, on-demand vulnerability assessment and management is a powerful instrument for organizations to stay compliant and stay one step ahead of attackers. In this webcast, we will briefly address different compliance requirements and the industry best practices of using vulnerability management to achieve compliance.

Length: 46m 16s
Tags: Compliance, Vulnerability Management, On Demand Security
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