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Optimize Your SmartStream Financials for a True End-to-End Solution

Provided by: Infor

What you will learn:

As a customer, you already know how robust Infor’s solutions are. Imagine the power of having a comprehensive, fully integrated end to end financial solution. Companies around the world have done just that, freeing their key decision-makers from laborious, redundant tasks and giving them more time to focus on business issues. As a result, they’re able to make quicker, smarter financial decisions. The kind that improves the bottom line – and the chance for success in today’s competitive environment.

View Optimize Your SmartStream Financials for a True End-to-End Solution to learn how completing your suite of Infor financial tools will provide:

Immediate visibility into your financial applications
Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Greater system efficiency and reduced maintenance
Future time and cost savings when upgrading only one system
Increased productivity and profitability, and much more.

Length: 31m 10s
Tags: Financial Management, FMS, Financial Tools
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