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Why Asset Management Should be Part of a Lean Strategy

Provided by: Infor

What you will learn:

"Companies care about how many widgets they make, not the widget-making machine." That comment from a corporate CFO reflects how many manufacturing executives feel about asset management.

But it misses one critical point: asset downtime disrupts production, driving up both process and per unit operating costs.

Companies that recognize the importance of keeping equipment running smoothly are starting to adopt what initially may seem to be an unusual strategy-incorporating lean manufacturing principles into asset management programs. These companies are finding that this approach allows them to consistently produce more widgets at a much lower cost.

View this webcast to learn the secrets of asset performance management for lean manufacturing.
• How to identify specific areas within your maintenance processes to reduce waste and increase equipment reliability.
• To make the management of production assets an integral part of a lean enterprise.
• About the factors for success in lean maintenance and how they help companies run consistently, reliably, and profitably.

Length: 59m 24s
Tags: Asset Management, EAM, Enterprise Asset Management, Asset Performance
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