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Automate Inventory & Work Order Management with Infor EAM MP2 Mobile Solutions

Provided by: Infor

What you will learn:

Many Infor EAM MP2 users are gaining convenience and extending the scope of their asset management solution by adding MP2 Mobile Solutions. Infor EAM MP2 Mobile Solutions includes 2 products: MP2 Barcoding Plus and Pocket MP2 Plus. They provide technicians with the tools to access, synch and update asset and work order information at the point of activity.

MP2 Barcoding Plus is a one-way "data collection" driven mobile application that allows users to automate data capture using a handheld device to leverage the efficiencies of barcode scanning.

Pocket MP2 Plus is two-way "decision tool" driven mobile application that allows users to synchronize work orders from MP2 to a handheld device and supports two-way physical inventories and meter reading capabilities.

With Infor EAM MP2 Mobile Solutions, you can check in/out parts using a hand-held barcode reader, update work order information such as labor records, notes, RFO, RFF, and solutions codes. You can even view the history of your equipment right at the point of activity.

During these on-demand demos we will show you how Infor EAM MP2 Mobile Solutions:
• Reduce the time it takes to do your job
• Eliminate cumbersome manual paperwork and the time associated with data entry by providing remote access to asset and work management processes
• Empower your workforce with the tools to make better decisions -- when and where they need it most
• Increase the timeliness and accuracy of your data

Find out why hundreds of Infor EAM MP2 users are utilizing these mobile solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs through the automation of inventory and work order management.

Length: 25m 52s
Tags: EAM, Mobile Solution, Data Collection, Enterprice Asset Management
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