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Total Customer Management: SSPA Looks Beyond Break/Fix to Customer Intimacy

Provided by: KNOVA

What you will learn:

Sometimes businesses don’t WANT a relationship; they want a transaction. But there’s a movement out there—both from customers and service executives—to focus on the quality of the relationship over individual technology metrics.

It’s true that customer service organizations are sometimes so focused on implementing technology and solving break/fix issues that they forget about the customer who has to use the product. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cut handle times, divert calls to self-service AND build customer satisfaction? Yes, it can be done!

Join industry guru John Ragsdale from the SSPA along with KNOVA’s Pete Strom for a lively, interactive discussion on the importance of customer intimacy and ways to leverage technology to enable and support a customer-centric culture.

Length: 53m 19s
Tags: CRM, Customer Service, Customer Intimacy
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