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Workflow Automation using Live CRM

Provided by: Genesis Interactive

What you will learn:

Live CRM offers a powerful workflow automation tool that makes following standard procedures in a company efficient and easy to manage. In most businesses there are certain success principals that have historically proven to be winning concepts and processes. It only makes sense to replicate what works so that the “Big Mac tastes the same everywhere” – driving operational excellence.

Workflows in Live CRM can be process driven or people driven.

If your business is product focussed and has certain manufacturing, engineering or development processes that need to be followed, the Live CRM workflow can easily morph into a check list driven workflow tracking tool.

Every step in the workflow has relevant check points and management teams can quickly and easily view the progress of a particular workflow and measure the efficiency of the project management team.

Workflows can also be used very effectively in managing people driven processes – example: Customer Acquisition or Complaints Management Process.

All you would need to do is create simple steps with relevant check points to follow the entire process flow. From a manager or supervisor point of view, to know where your team stands, all you have to do is view the dashboard.

There may also be a process driven workflow that concerns a specific need such as telemarketing call flow.

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Tags: CRM, Workflow Automation
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