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NextCom Evolution

Provided by: NextCom Group

What you will learn:

SalesWeb is a web-based CRM system that optimizes your sales and minimizes your costs by increasing efficiency, optimizing every process, generating and secure all follow-ups.

The revolutionary built-in "Card System" is the heart of NextCom Evolution and works as an eternity machine that never stops to generate tasks as long as the system is in use.

The Card System starts, handles and generates all future tasks by ending with a follow-up. The new task will then automatically pop-up at the right day and time.

The Card System will guide you through the whole process and make sure you have finished every step with zero failure before receiving next task/follow-up.

The card system manage the following challenges:

1. Total control of every employee within one, or numerous departments, without restrictions as to size, growth or number of employees.

2. Total control of all tasks being completed at the right time, with zero errors.

3. Total control of the information flow and how to make the best use of it.

4. Total control of external suppliers/assemblers etc. with built-in engines to make the processes work automatically.

The Card System handles any industry designed in ConceptWeb (planning and control) and managed by NextWeb (Administration, ERP and HR) and SalesWeb (Sales/CRM and Services).

Nominated for BI Prize 2009 in Norway -

Length: 3m 24s
Tags: CRM, Call Center, BI, Lead Management, Supply Chain Management, SCM, xrm, SIP Dialer, CM
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