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Multilingual Content Strategies

Provided by: Sitecore

What you will learn:

This online panel discussion by the Gilbane Group, the American Marketing Association, and Sitecore will teach you how to create a global website communications strategy, and how to sell the strategy within your organization.

You will learn:

- Profiles of companies who have tried to create a multilingual content management strategy
- Best and worst practices when developing a "Global Content Value Chain"
- How to deliberately take steps to move from ad-hoc global web communications tactics to a cohesive strategy
- How to tie your business case to executive hot buttons such as brand consistency and customer experience.

This presentation provides information directly from the Gilbane Group’s new study, Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Organizations Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain.

Length: 58m 36s
Tags: Website Globalization, Content Management. Content Globalization
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