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Get to Know Sitecore CMS 6

Provided by: Sitecore

What you will learn:

Sitecore CMS 6, just released this summer, has already been praised by leading CMS analysts for its next generation usability, dazzling user interface, powerful development platform, and much more. Current and future customers who have seen Sitecore CMS 6 know they've seen a CMS that will redefine web content management usability and control, with one Fortune 500 CIO stating Sitecore CMS 6 is "by far the most advanced CMS on the market now."
This webinar gives you a chance to see Sitecore CMS 6 up close and personal. In this presentation you'll receive a hands-on demonstration of the software's best and newest features. You'll see exactly how these features, such as intuitive in-line editing, page and grid designers, multi-device and language support, will enhance your web presence and create real business results. You'll also be given examples of how Sitecore CMS 6 will empower you as a:

* marketer
* business leader
* developer
* content editor

Our presenter, Darren Guarnaccia, is a broad technologist with a deep understanding of the Web. As VP Product Marketing for leading Web Content Management software company, Sitecore, he works extensively with ways to automate and optimize the processes for world-class websites.

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Tags: Content Management, CMS
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