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Enrich Your Site and Let the Web Work for You

Provided by: Vignette

What you will learn:

Join Vignette and Macquarium for an on demand Webcast as we discuss how you can combine unique interactive, rich, and social online capabilities to create a more holistic, meaningful experience that attracts visitors. You'll also learn why video is one of the best ways to capture your audience's attention. We'll provide real-world examples of organizations that have enhanced their Web presence to create more engaging online experiences.

You'll learn:

* What today's power users want and expect from your Web site
* Several of the necessary components for compelling Web experiences
* Steps you can take to make your Web site more enticing such as including rich video content
* How Macquarium and Vignette can help you reevaluate your Web experience with a kickstart workshop

Length: 52m 21s
Tags: Content Management, Site Enrichment, Web Experience
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