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Talisma provides true Customer Lifecycle Management across sales, service, and marketing functions, and enables organizations to quickly, effectively, and accurately communicate with customers at any time. With Talisma, organizations have the means to accelerate and sustain growth by creating personalized experiences.
Talisma offers a unified customer view through blended multi-channel support. Numerous productivity tools are available that increase response quality through automated functions, knowledge-enhanced solutions, and an organized, single window view. Management gains access to both in-depth tactical dashboards and big-picture strategic reports, driving consistent improvements.

Vertical Solutions

Talisma uses the vertical solutions approach to meet the diversified needs of various industries. We understand that the requirements of businesses in different domains vary from one another. Our tailored solutions help organizations address their most pressing business challenges and deliver the right products and services to their customers. This allows organizations like yours to work with a CRM solution that understands your business and process flows.

Our business specific solutions can cater to whoever your customer might be – Clients, Constituents, Patients, Partners, Citizens, Shareholders, Employees, Associates, etc.

Delivery Platforms

Hosted or licensed—it’s your choice. You need not change the way you do business to implement Talisma CRM. It can be hosted on our servers or licensed so that you can bring it in-house, depending on your needs.
Talisma offers its CRM solutions through both On-Demand and On-Premise options based on the business requirements of organizations. Talisma On-Demand provides unusually high levels of performance, security, and reliability to support applications in a world-class facility. Talisma On-Premise allows you to leverage your existing investment in IT infrastructure and drive additional ROI

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Brochure from Talisma Corporation Ltd:
Talisma CRM Corporate Brochure

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