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Storage is serious business. The world is relying more and more on application uptime and access to its data—from business databases, company web sites, hospital records, business continuance processes, and more. Add data-retention regulations and the 24/7 expectations of the internet to the mix, and the need for uninterrupted high-performance storage is more intense than ever. But better storage doesn’t have to mean more management overhead. Enter the Pillar Axiom™.

The Pillar Axiom
The Pillar Axiom has created quite a stir in the storage industry. It’s the most efficient system you can buy, using the least power per GB of storage than any other in the industry. It also has the highest utilization rates, with rates that are twice the industry average. And now, the Pillar Axiom is the first storage system in the industry that is truly application-aware without requiring extra plug-ins or add-ons, allowing the system to be provisioned just like data centers provision their virtualized servers.

And the icing on the cake? Deploy and configure a Pillar Axiom, then it will automate many of your storage management processes. It’s the closest thing to “set it and leave it” in the storage industry.

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