Foresight Intelligence

Foresight Intelligence Suite is changing the way users interact with enterprise data by providing active business intelligence solutions that are presented in an easy-to-use framework. Because the data is shown in an intuitive way, users can focus on understanding, managing and making the best decisions for their businesses instead of wading through cumbersome and difficult to understand analytics and reports.

The technology behind Foresight Intelligence Suite enables enterprises to combine structured and unstructured data residing in many different places into a highly-interactive dashboard that can be personalized to suit virtually any team member. Real-time visualizations and a full alerts engine ensure that users have the most accurate and relevant information with which to make business decisions.

The intuitive design of Foresight Intelligence Suite enables users to easily uncover information and trends that can be challenging to display and act on in traditional business intelligence solutions.


• Improve forecasting by automatically comparing multiple perspectives at once
• Better decisions throughout the enterprise with immediate feedback for mission-critical activities
• Increase transparency for users with real-time dashboards, reporting and status overviews
• Significant ROI leveraging standards and web-based architecture

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