Fision is a web-based brand control and automated marketing system that enforces brand rules and user permissions company-wide. Fision is ideal for enterprise-level companies with a distributed sales model, in industries such as healthcare, finance, technology and retail. Fision offers the best of all marketing automation tools in one simple to use, intuitive interface-- digital asset management, customized collateral builders, email builders, measuring and reporting, print-on-demand and more.

Fision was developed for marketers, by marketers. It offers robust features, while providing a platform that is simple to manage and easy to use.
The quality of its user experience and simplicity of its interface far exceed that of other systems and lead to an incredibly high adoption rate among users.
Fision offers user-based permission control of asset usage and customization.
Fision provides an integrated Asset Management solution to centralize all collateral, which can be easily downloaded, ordered, and used in customized collateral or email campaigns.

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Brochure from Fision:
Fision - Marketing Automation Overview Brochure

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