FactoryMaster Inc

Factorymaster Inc. is dedicated to delivering efficiency and profitability to clients, through well-designed, reliable and professionally supported software solutions. Our popular FactoryMaster Manufacturing Software has been providing Manufacturing, Warehousing and Wholesaling Solutions for over ten years.

We pride ourselves on superior quality software backed up by excellent support by real people.

FactoryMaster is represented in the United Kingdom and other European countries who resell our software.

Customers have achieved significant improvements in reducing Lead Times, Shop Floor Planning and Documentation, Purchasing (including Material Requirement Planning) and Job Costing. Over the past year, one of our customers has achieved 20% growth in business whilst reducing arrears and overtime to a negligible level. Indeed; they are also being hailed by an Aerospace manufacturer as one of their very few suppliers to respond satisfactorily to their new scan and adherence delivery demands.

The best part is that this system is probably one of the most inexpensive yet most fully featured systems on the market. Developed over the last 10 years it is fully supported in each country it is sold by teams dedicated to providing Engineering focused Manufacturing Systems.

FactoryMaster is available on a single-user or multi-user platform with experienced training and support services available, ensuring success for your Sales, Production, Quality, Purchase and Finance teams who will all reap benefits from the system.

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