Digimind Company markets competitive intelligence solutions to exploit the explosion of digital information.

The success or failure of virtually every company depends upon the agility with which it is able to understand and react to its environment through the interpretation of early signals: A product launch; A technology breakthrough; A rumor altering a brand or a product image; A surge in hiring; The nomination of a new executive; Each of these events and many other changes may impact the competitive environment, companies may leverage on as a business opportunity or as a risk management item.

Digimind helps companies become more successful from automatically monitoring thousands of online web sources (web pages, blogs, forum, RSS feeds, deep web). Benefiting from Digimind openness and departing from many CI vendors, users can easily add their own information sources, reconfigure their searches, before information is distributed automatically to users throughout the organization based on their individual needs and requirements.

Thanks to a high degree of automation brought to the intelligence workflow, Digimind helps organizations streamlining how intelligence gets collected, analyzed and shared and shrinking the time critical information takes to attain decision makers. Digimind also helps CI teams freeing up their time from searching, cataloguing information to proactive analysis and strategic thinking.

Profitable since its inception and growing at a 50% annual rate, Digimind develops competitive intelligence software that help organizations automating the process of collecting, analyzing and publishing critical information. Digimind is essential to corporations seeking to develop its growth and to protect its core assets from monitoring competition, markets, and clients.

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