Creating and Managing Accounts

What's the difference between a buyer and a vendor account?

A buyer account is for technology buyers who are seeking information about technology. A vendor account is for technology vendors who want to share information about their technology solutions with technology buyers.

How do I join?

It's easy and free to join VendorDemo. If you are a technology buyer you can get your account here. Technology vendors can join VendorDemo here.

I never received a confirmation email. What happened?

If you don't receive either the welcome or confirmation email when you expect to, check in your email client's spam folder -- some are more aggressive than others about identifying spam. Add VendorDemo to your whitelist or address book to facilitate direct communication in the future.

The verification code will not accept.

The verification code is automatically generated and sometimes the characters are hard to read. If you're having trouble, try clicking the "Try a Different Image" link under the verification code box. This will change the character combination.

I'm a technology buyer. Why do I have to register?

Requiring visitors to register to view content is part of the marketing relationship we have with technology vendors. These vendors want to learn who is interested in their products and services.

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