Creating Videos

How do I create a video of our products or company?

All you need to create a video is a presentation (i.e. PowerPoint) of your product or company, a microphone, and screen capture software such as Camtasia Studio.

Hook up the microphone to your computer and allow the presentation or PowerPoint to play. Camtasia Studio records what plays on your screen and what you say into your microphone. When you are done recording your video, Camtasia Studio also has tools which allow you to edit and cut your video to help you produce a video in the settings you desire.

Can you help me create a demo?

At this time, we are focused on building the best possible platform to share technology information. You can build your own demo using, CamStudio or Camtasia. Don't want to do it youself? Several of our clients have used Autodemo's talented group of writers, producers, and developers to create compelling demos.

How to make a Camtasia Video

How to Record and Edit Video Using Camtasia Studio 5.0

Record Camsasia Video

  1. Open up Camtasia Studio 5.0 and click "New Screen Recording."
  2. Open up the website where you want to record your video from and play the video.
  3. Click on Audio Options and under source, Select "What U Hear" to record the sound coming from the computer. Adjust the volume to the desired recording volume. You can also adjust any other settings as desired. When done choosing your settings, click "ok."
  4. Click "Select Area to record" and click on the window which you want to record. Adjust the recording area to the size of the video.
  5. Click "Record" to start recording the video. Then start the video. (Do not move the mouse or move any windows into the recording area as these motions would be recorded onto the video.)
  6. Click on "Stop" when you are done recording. A window should pop up allowing you to view your recorded video.
  7. Click on "Save" and type in a filename for your video.

Editing Video Using Camtasia Studio

  1. A window should pop up after saving your recording. Click on "Edit my recording" and hit "ok."
  2. Another window then pops up.
    • Under Presets click "All" and in the window that pops up click "recording dimensions."
    • Click "Ok" when done.
  3. Your recording should appear in the clip bin and on the timeline. If it does not show on the timeline, you can drag your video to insert it onto the timeline.
  4. Once it is on the timeline, right click on the video on the timeline and click "Audio Enhancements".
    • Under Background Noise Removal, select "Automatically try to detect noise on the timeline" and then click "remove noise". Then Click OK.
  5. Now you can cut off any excess recorded parts of your video. Using the timeline, highlight a portion of the video which you would like to cut out. Then right click that portion of the video and select cut selection. That portion of the video should be automatically removed.

    Do this to the beginning and end of the recording to ensure that the recording starts and ends at a proper place
  6. Once you are doing cutting your video, click on “Produce video as..” in the task list on the left side of your screen.
    • Then Click on Custom Production Presets and hit "Next."
    • Choose the AVI video option and hit "Next."
    • Adjust the Audio and Video Settings to your desired settings and continue to click next until it brings up the "Produce Video" screen.
  7. At the "Produce Video" screen, you can name the video and specify the directory where you want to save your video.

    Name your video and choose where to save the video and click "Finish."
  8. Now, wait for your video to render. Once it is finished, you can view the video and upload your video onto the VendorDemo website.

Why do I need to convert the video file to AVI format?

Converting to AVI format compresses the video making the size of the video smaller and decreases the time needed to upload the video on to the VendorDemo website.

What is the difference between using Camtasia Studio and Camstudio?

Camstudio is a free program that allows you to record video on your screen. However, Camstudio does not have any editing capabilities. Camtasia Studio is not a free program but is a more complete package of recording and editing tools which gives you more options to tailor your video more closely to what you want.

How to Upload Videos to VendorDemo

  1. Go to and log in to your vendor account. You must have a vendor account to upload content.
  2. Once logged in, click on "Upload" found near the top right corner of the webpage.
  3. Select the File type you would like to upload (e.g. demo, webinar, whitepaper, etc.)
  4. Now fill in all the fields with the pertinent information. (Title, Description, Tags) and also choose the appropriate category for your file.
  5. Select your file for upload by clicking browse and navigating to the directory where your file is located and select the file.
  6. Click "Submit" once all fields are complete and wait for your file to finish uploading
  7. You can find your file on the website once it is done processing. Video files often take a longer time to process while document files are often instantaneously available.

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