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Capitalizing on Web Conferencing in the Financial Services Industry: How to Build Talent, Engage Customers, and Strengthen Corporate Alignment

Financial services firms are feeling the heat. As the industry consolidates and competition intensifies, the race is on to determine which players will reliably drive profi table growth, deepen customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value. Companies in the industry are struggling to effectively train and develop their people, strengthen sales and customer management capabilities, and collaborate across conventional boundaries that now undermine performance. Whether they compete in banking, investment, insurance or all of these arenas, financial services fi rms are under severe pressure to differentiate themselves in compelling new ways. How do companies achieve a competitive advantage and drive profi table new growth in this field? Some of the most impressive firms are capitalizing on information technology that enables operational excellence and enhances customer value. One technology that is helping them leverage their core strengths is Web conferencing.

Tags: Web Conferencing, Web Development, Web Training

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