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Eurotunnel Chooses Qualiparc Asset Management to Help Achieve Its Mission

Eurotunnel identified the need for an asset management tool during its early days when it operated about 450 machines. Eurotunnel decided to build an in-house solution based on the Oracle RDBMS. Once the PC count reached over 1,400 machines, the IT management team was struggling to determine if burgeoning new applications, developed with contemporary tools for the latest PCs, would run on all of its machines. This was because of the wide variation in the capabilities of the machines, which had been installed over a 4-year time span. The in-house asset management solution did not provide the necessary level of detail, such as version of operating system and applications, CPU type/speed, main memory and disk size, extension card, etc. Confronted with a buy-or-keep-building decision, the IT department decided to buy, with a strong requirement that a purchased asset management product must integrate easily with its existing in-house solution.

Tags: Help Desk, Asset Management, IT Asset Management, Eurotunnel

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