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Cambridgeshire Police Chooses Qualiparc To Police Its Assets

In order to keep costs down and maximize the usage of equipment, logging and monitoring of assets became strategically important for Cambridgeshire Police. The organization needed to look beyond its existing helpdesk system, which historically had been used to log assets in order to find an effective solution for logging and managing 1,000s of assets across multiple sites. Consequently it selected PS’SOFT’s Qualiparc Asset Management system. Cambridgeshire Police is now able to not only log assets but manage them through their entire life, identifying where the asset is, license number and any dependencies on that piece of equipment. This enables Cambridgeshire Police to make informed decisions about moving equipment and maximize use of existing resources before purchasing new assets, therefore proving considerably cost effective in time and money.

Tags: Asset Management, Service Management, Cambridgeshire Police

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