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Sales 2.0 Whitepaper: Part II

Thomas Watson, Sr., builder of IBM’s legendary sales force, became famous for the motto: Think. The subtext of this simple message? Before running off to do something, anything, take a moment to consider what you’re about to do—and why. Apple made hay with its celebrated campaign a few years ago featuring famous personalities (Einstein, the Dali Lama, Marilyn Monroe) with the simple admonition to Think Different. This paper, second in a two-part series on Sales 2.0, suggests you Think Again. If you think you know sales, you likely are bringing to this topic a history and track record that has served you well. This paper attempts to offer the cautionary warning that what has worked in your past may not serve your current sales reps as well today, and could actually hurt their performance.

Tags: Sales Workstyle Management, Account Management, Sales 2.0

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