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Sales 2.0 Whitepaper: Part I

What sales is has not changed. How sales are accomplished is changing radically. In this first of a two-part paper, we present an overview of the state of sales today, supported by metrics from our 2007 Sales Performance Optimization survey. A brief overview: Sales rep turnover is higher, new rep ramp-up times are longer, and despite the fact that more leads result in initial meetings, a lower percentage of initial meetings result in presentations. And fewer presentations are leading to deals closing. In short, many indicators are heading in the wrong direction. However, some firms are experiencing breakout performance. They are not the beneficiaries of product exclusivity or rampant customer loyalty. Rather, these firms have isolated specific aspects of the buy-sell equation to focus on and improve. These specific improvements have been preceded by a general (dare we say “cultural”?) shift. The differences between S1.0 and S2.0 are represented in the comparison between old-style circus companies and the modern circus. Where one was chaotic and featured individual daredevils, the new model is choreographed and based on synchronized collaboration among excellent performers.

Tags: sfa, Sales Workstyle Management, Sales Optimization, Sales Knowledge

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