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Think about it. A company doesn’t exist to make things. A company exists to sell things. Take a look at the term, “Salesperson.” Does it say anything about “data entry” there? What about “transcriptions” or “accounting?” No, it only says “sales.” So why burden these people with so many other superfluous distractions? Salespeople want to sell. That’s why they get hired, that’s what they’re good at, that’s what will move an entire organization forward. Salespeople don’t want to have to file endless and time-consuming reports. They’re ready to drive a speedboat, not a barge loaded with paperwork. Salespeople will embrace and utilize a system and tools that actually help them to sell, by respecting the unique workstyle of the salesperson. If the choices are to lead, follow, or get out of the way, would you settle for two out of three? Lead – by truly empowering salespeople with a workable, easy to understand software system that they’ll actually use.

Tags: Sales Force Automation, sfa, Sales Workstyle Management, SWM, Sales Tools

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