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Spam & The New Pony Express

Nowadays, the main thing that can go wrong with delivering email is that at some point along the trail your message may be interpreted as spam. It doesn’t matter that you know you’re not sending out spam, or that you and your recipient knows each other. As far as firewalls and filters are concerned, if it looks like spam, it’s spam. But that brings up a really good question: Are you sending out spam? Probably not— and if you use SoftVu’s marketing communication platform, you already agreed not to, but there’s no hard and fast definition of what exactly constitutes spam. In some people’s opinion, spam is any kind of advertising in any medium—direct mail, TV and radio advertisements, commercial email—it’s all spam. On the other end of the spectrum, bulk email advertisers say that it’s not spam and you’re not “spamming” so long as you provide a way for the viewer to “opt-out.”

Tags: Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing

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