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InfraDesk On Demand Service Desk Product Datasheet

InfraDesk, On Demand Service Desk, is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which enables us to offer our clients the benefits derived from this delivery model including elimination of help desk software infrastructure, rapid implementation of a dynamic ITIL-based Service Desk, overall reduction in costs, accessibility from any internet connection and the scalability required to ensure longevity. With our approach, organizations have the ability to: • Reduce costs – with a SaaS delivery model, you never pay for an upgrade again while benefiting from a seamless transition when upgrades occur • Implement in less than 30 days– because the application is delivered over the web, you are up and running in weeks instead of months • Plan their budgets with complete accuracy – our monthly pricing based on the size of your IT support staff (agents) allows you to predict what you are spending before you spend it • Minimize the need for programming expertise - with an approach that is simple to use and allows you to configure efficient workflows without modifying the software

Tags: IT Management, ITSM, saas service desk, ITIL Service Desk, ITIL Help Desk, help desk application

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