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Get ERP Right the First Time

This white paper, called "Get ERP Right the First Time" will reveal to you: * What kinds of companies can best implement ERP * What ERP can do for you and your company * The 9 Steps to a Successful ERP implementation * The single most important thing to do *Before* you start evaluating ERP software *The "Red Flag" you need to watch for when evaluating ERP vendors * The Four "C's" checklist for evaluating ERP software * The one factor that is most influential in determining whether ERP will be a success in your company, no matter what vendor you choose. * How to get employee buy-in for the changes any new system brings (and how to get them to actually help lead the way) * What first class ERP vendors will insist you do if they are to work with you (and what it means if they don't) * The two ERP system implementation methods, plus the benefits and drawbacks of each. * The two critical ERP training questions * How to put it all together to virtually guarantee a successful installation.

Tags: ERP Software, Enterprise Resource Planning

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