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Demonstrating the ROI of an ERP System

Purchasing ERP software represents a significant financial commitment, especially for smaller companies. So, the first question asked by business owners and CEOs is usually, “What kind of return on investment can I expect and how long will it take to achieve that return?” The answer is: a lot more and a lot sooner than you might expect. At Global Shop, the typical customer has about 70 employees and does about $10 million a year in annual sales. Whether your company is larger or smaller than this average, our white paper called "Demonstrating the ROI of an ERP System" will reveal: * Why ROI can be measured in months, not years, if ERP is done right. * How to multiply your ROI by 2 to 5 times with effective planning and implementation. * The single greatest area where the ROI actually comes from. * Four other money holes that ERP can plug on your leaky ship * The top 5 non-monetary returns you should also expect The bottom line is that ERP will make a real difference in your financial bottom line, both in terms of hard dollars and in developing the people who run your business.

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