IronPort Datasheet

IronPort X1050 Email Security System

As the battle to protect the email perimeter continues, two predominant trends emerge: higher mail volumes and more resource-intensive scanning. The IronPort X1050™ is purpose-built, on the foundation of the IronPort AsyncOS™ operating system, to provide power for today's volumes and high-performance scanning for tomorrow's threats. This unparalleled performance delivers dial-tone availability — saving hours of productivity and thousands of dollars during peak traffic times, such as damaging virus outbreaks or spam attacks. The world's largest organizations and ISPs need a secure and easy-to-manage email security solution that protects all facets of their complex email infrastructures. The IronPort X1050 provides IronPort's exclusive preventive filters and signature-based reactive filters, combined with content filtering and best-of-breed encryption technology, to provide the highest level of email security available today — while delivering unprecedented visibility and management tools.

Tags: Email Security, Enterprise Management, Spam Protection

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