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IronPort C350D Maximum Email Deliverability with Identity and Reputation Protection

The IronPort® C350D™ email security appliance is the specialized IronPort C-Series™ product, optimized to meet the unique requirements of email transaction confirmations, investor updates, and marketing newsletters. With the latest in email sender authentication technology, the IronPort C350D ensures timely and efficient communications with customers while allowing enterprises to manage and protect their corporate identities on the Internet. The IronPort C350D has been designed to lower the costs of managing high volume mail delivery. The user interfaces have been designed with high usability standards and refined based on administrator feedback. Powerful enterprise monitoring integration and custom alerting truly makes the systems "set-and-forget" allowing administrators to focus on priorities other than mail delivery. IronPort built its email security appliance line from the ground up to deliver on the performance requirements of today. A single IronPort C350D can replace up to ten traditional servers running software like sendmail, postfix, or qmail. In addition, massive connection concurrency allows fast mail to bypass slow mail and ensure prompt mail delivery.

Tags: Email Security, Enterprise Management, Identity Protection, Reputation Protection

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