IronPort Datasheet

IronPort C350 for Medium-Sized Enterprises and Satellite Offices

IronPort C350™ email security appliances provide advanced threat prevention, block spam and viruses, and enable corporate email policy enforcement. Today's email-borne threats consist of virus attacks, spam, false positives, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, spyware, and phishing (fraud). The IronPort C350 email security appliance addresses the issues faced by corporations, both large and small, by incorporating preventive and reactive security measures that are easy to deploy and manage. Built on the foundation of the IronPort AsyncOS™ operating system, the IronPort C350 email security appliance protects the email systems of medium-sized enterprises and satellite offices. Placed at the network perimeter, the IronPort C350 provides comprehensive security for email traffic —allowing administrators to have complete control over all email entering and leaving their networks. This unprecedented capability eliminates the loss of critical email by configuring different mail policies for customers and trusted partners.

Tags: Email Security, Enterprise Management, Threat Prevention

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