Interwoven Datasheet

Interwoven WorkSite MP datasheet

Enterprises require an architectural framework and infrastructure that allow critical business content to be managed, shared and collaborated on—securely and cost-effectively—across the organization. But in today’s environment of mergers, acquisitions, globalization, and expansion, projects are no longer completed within one office, but rather by teams of users distributed across offices, corporate boundaries, and time zones. WorkSite MP provides distributed enterprise organizations with a single solution for document management and collaboration—even across organizational boundaries. Budget-conscious project teams, departments, or enterprises can rely on WorkSite MP to provide version control and secure content, while supporting collaboration among on-site, remote, and external team members. WorkSite MP provides the means to automate processes, adhere to corporate compliance guidelines, and reduce the time and money invested in managing content and processes. The multitiered architecture of WorkSite MP separates the data, business logic and business user clients so you can deploy, upgrade and maintain these applications easily.

Tags: Content Management, Document Management, Enterprise Content Management

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