Interwoven Case Study

AHA Cures Information Delivery Challenge with HospitalConnect

As a result of the joint efforts of Interwoven and Sun Microsystems, who played a key role in the design and development process, the AHA was able to realize this vision with the launch of HospitalConnect—a health leadership portal. HospitalConnect provides hospital staff, patients, suppliers, laboratories, and agencies with a single, centralized access point to the AHA’s 50 plus association and in-house Websites. Implementation Highlights ■ Centralized infrastructure for the AHA and its affiliates made possible by Interwoven and Sun Microsystems technologies ■ HospitalConnect provides umbrella access to more than 50 related sites previously managed separately ■ Templates used by more than 150 non-technical contributors to update content Benefi ts of Using Interwoven: ■ Minimized maintenance costs associated with separate sites ■ Streamlined access to information—enabling visitors to find information in minutes as opposed to hours ■ Consolidation of traffic—23,000 visitors

Tags: Teamsite, interwoven customer, aha

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